Economic Development

Our staff can assist in developing a good marketing package to help expand your community’s economic base. In most cases, the battle is easy, especially when all the business you’ll probably need is already there. Retention and expansion is paramount today.

Often your community can create new employment opportunities by nurturing existing businesses in the area using our “Economic Development Begins at Home” philosophy.

A variety of communities utilize Reveille for daily on-call assistance with economic and community development issues ranging from economic incentives, program development/monitoring, and business attraction and retention matters.


Most states have programs that provide businesses- that create or retain jobs- incentives, in way of grants, tax abatements and tax credits, low interest loans, or through other special programs.

As part of our economic development practice, Reveille has assisted numerous communities and businesses utilize these tools.  Some of the tax incentive programs require annual review and Reveille is often retained by communities and school districts to ensure the business recipients are meeting the investment benchmarks established as a requirement before granting the incentives.

Some of the many programs we work on frequently are:

  • Community Reinvestment Area and Enterprise Zone Programs
  • Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)
  • Economic Development Administration (EDA) Grants
  • Joint Economic Development Districts
  • Cooperative Development Agreements
  • Special Business Improvement Districts
  • Downtown Revitalization Grant Programs
  • Job Creation and Job Retention Tax Credits
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • Rapid Outreach Grants
  • Roadwork Development (629) Account Grants
  • USDA Rural Development Grant and Loan Programs

Grant Writing

Each year, numerous branches of government distribute billions of your dollars through various programs. Reveille has successfully attained millions of dollars in grants for its clients over the last two decades. The types of projects that your community can receive help for are vast. Every day, Reveille staff searches numerous federal and state funding sources and databases for grants your community may qualify for and possibly utilize. However, one thing’s for sure: some community somewhere is going to get complete or matching assistance. Let Reveille help your community be the one that does.


Remaining competitive in today’s global market requires proactive planning. This can be done through developing a clear economic development strategy that is focused, realistic and anticipates the needs of businesses and residents.

While the best economic plans derive from a proactive process where the planning begins before distress occurs, some communities cannot be so lucky and the planning often begins after a large plant closing or a substantial job loss.

Reveille has helped communities of all sizes become more immune to these economic hiccups or to readjust after a traumatic economic loss event. Many of these plans have been used by these impacted communities to receive additional grant and funding assistance from the Economic Development Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Just ask the residents of Ottawa, Ohio. They asked our team to help draft an economic adjustment strategy to help mitigate the recent loss of 1500 jobs, when Phillip’s Display Components moved to Mexico. When the strategy was completed, we followed it up with a grant application to the US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA). After a successful grant submission, Village and County officials were presented with a $1.725 million dollar grant to help build a Skilled Learning Center, with the main purpose to make the local workforce more employable. The EDA spotlights the Skilled Learning Center as a best practice to be emulated.

North River reveille project

Economic Development Projects by Reveille