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About Reveille

Celebrating 24 years of Reveille

Welcome to Reveille, a provider of custom planning, design, and economic development services. Since 1998, Reveille has evolved into a consortium of professionals that practice in fields geared toward making our planned and built environments more sustainable, prosperous, and enjoyable.

We’ve built our success stories one client at a time, and we truly believe wholeheartedly that “less is more.”



We not only work at your pace to develop user-friendly planning solutions, we’ll hopefully arm you in a manner that makes your community – and those involved with the community planning process – self-sufficient enough to handle future planning tasks. Our solutions delve further than the normal “boilerplate” you’re likely to get from an engineering firm whose primary mission is to generate engineering fees.

Economic Development

Our staff can assist in developing a good marketing package to help expand your community’s economic base. In most cases, the battle is easy, especially when all the business you’ll probably need is already there. Retention and expansion is paramount today.  Often your community can create new employment opportunities by nurturing existing businesses in the area using our “Economic Development Begins at Home” philosophy.


As a public official today, do you fully understand the needs and wants of your constituency? A good visioning process and community survey can provide the community- and public and private officials- with a decisive process and tool by which to act upon. Rather than act upon perceived interests, Reveille’s visioning methods and surveys will tell you exactly what your resident’s feel about a variety of things, from growth and revitalization to what type and level of services they’d feel strongly about supporting.


You dream big, but others can’t quite see your vision clearly… Let Reveille handle the visual communications that will make your target audience “get it”. We can send your message out across a wide variety of traditional and cutting edge media. Our dedicated resources have the talent and drive to realize your goals from the initial pitch to the final implementation of the plans. Image is everything and everyone expects that professional polish to drive ideas home in a world of heavy competition and demanding customization.

Recent Projects

A few examples of some recent projects at Reveille. We take pride in all the work we do.

More Work By Reveille

Take a look through our past projects to see how Reveille has helped others over the years.


Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

City Administrator | City of Northwood

“We’ve used Reveille to accomplish many great things, from landing an employer with a $30MM payroll to tearing down and revitalizing the former Woodville Mall site. You will be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded planning and economic development firm.”

Bridgette Kabat

Bridgette Kabat

City Administrator | City of Perrysburg

“We’ve been using Reveille for economic development services for the past 14 years and they’ve saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in staff costs.”

Loudan Klein

Loudan Klein Executive

Director | Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission

“Reveille’s Land Use and Development Plan will play a vital role in accommodating the growth coming our way from Columbus.”


James R. Seiwert

Global Director, Grants & Incentives | Owens, Illinois

“Reveille helped us get the vital incentives we needed to make our Research and Development project possible.”

Jonathan Ferbrache

Jonathan Ferbranche PLA, CPESC

Resource Specialist | Fairfield County Soil & Water Conservation District

“The Land Use Plan that Reveille developed with Fairfield County will be the primary guide in allowing our office to help balance the preservation of prime farmland resources with our needs for development.”

Rebecca Corrigan

Rebecca Corrigan

Administrator | Olmsted Township

“I have worked with Reveille over the last 15 years with several communities and have found they consistently bring high quality people and ideas to the table. They understand the realities and challenges of local government.”

Chad Lulfs

Chad Lulfs PE, PS

Public Works Director | City of Napoleon

“We’ve used Reveille for our last three master plans, saving us tens of thousands of dollars in not having to reinvent the wheel.”

Joe Sebes

Economic Development Director | City of Parma Heights

“Reveille’s effective public outreach methods were vital to the success of our Corridor Master Plan for Pearl Road.“

John King

Vice Chairman | Sylvania Township Zoning Commission

“The Land Use Plan that Reveille just completed is so much better than our last plan. It’s a more user friendly working reference, with great visuals. It will definitely help all of us on the zoning commission in making zoning recommendations that impact the future of our community.“